Joe Slunaker

Joe Slunaker specializes in the field of biblical studies, with a special concentration in Old Testament. Apologetics has always been an important aspect in Joe’s Christian life as he has sought to really understand why Christians believe what they believe in reference to Scripture and experience. He started his education at California Baptist University with  Bachelor’s in Applied Theology and followed that with a Master’s of Divinity from Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary. He is currently in the dissertation phase of his PhD in Old Testament from Golden Gate. He now teaches at both of these institutions as an adjunct professor and has lectured in several different countries at different institutions. Joe also serves as a pastor at Hemet Valley Baptist Church and is currently the Vice President of the California Southern Baptist Convention. In his spare time Joe enjoys men’s softball and plays on CBU’s rugby team. It is not uncommon to see him sitting outside in Hemet playing his guitar or building things out of scrap metal or wood.