Apologetics and Youth

Youth Recently I read an article by Apologist Mike Licona saying, “I was shocked about two years ago when I asked both my children how often they had received teaching related to Christian apologetics during their Sunday School Classes and youth group meetings. Answer: Never. Not once? Zero. Zilch. Nada.” I wasn’t surprised to read this because I once was that youth pastor! Having graduated from Bible College after four years of intensive studies I had never once received apologetic training nor even heard the word. In fact, my education was full of biblical criticism not biblical defense. It wasn’t until I was on the brink of losing my faith that I read the Case for Christ and began listening to Ravi’s sermons that my faith came back to life. Apologetics literally changed my life and resuscitated my dying faith. Looking back, I feel that my education was darn near worthless! What good is truth if you can’t defend it even to yourself? Sadly the state of many Bible Colleges, Christian Universities and Seminaries has not changed much if at all. Sure there are a few institutions teaching apologetics classes but they are the rare exception. The reality is, parents you cannot assume that your children are being prepared to defend their faith. Join host Andy Steiger with special guests Chris Price, Jon Morison and Sam Dallas as they discuss the topic: Apologetics and Youth Ministry.


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