Common Misconceptions Even Christians Sometimes Believe

misconceptions Guest Host: Donald McConnell

The scriptures warn us against being pushed into the mold of the world – being stamped like cookie dough under the cutter into a shape different than what God is working to achieve in his elect. Part of holding our shape as Christians is believing what is true and rejecting ideas and premises that are false. But culture can be tricky. Sometimes even Christians fall prey to the common misconceptions of our time.

Here is a sampling:

  • Science is objective and trustworthy in all areas of life
  • There is no escape from culture – if you live in a Post Modern World, you must be Post Modern
  • Always follow the religious tradition of your family
  • War and fighting are always un-Christ-like
  • Freedom of religion means ideas that are in the Bible or that are not scientific have no place in public life
  • Everything spiritual is good, everything physical is bad
  • If you are not on top you’re a failure
  • Christianity is only about relationship
  • Christianity is only about knowledge

On this show, guest host Donald McConnell and Christopher Neiswonger refute some of these common mistakes after bringing them into the light. {s5_mp3}misconceptions.mp3{/s5_mp3} {loadposition content9}


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