Interview with Ravi Zacharias

In this brief interview, staff apologist Jacob Daniel draws out the importance of engaging and persuading our listeners to consider the truth claims of Christianity using proper methods of apologetics.


Jacob Daniel was born in India and grew amidst diverse cultures and religious worldviews. Over the past years he has travelled in different parts of the world pursuing education and career in International Development. He received his pre-doctoral degree in India and did advanced studies at the University of Manchester (UK). It was during this time his interest in Theology and Apologetics grew; subsequently, he earned his degree with distinction at the Oxford Center for Christian Apologetics & Wycliffe Hall (Oxford University). He also graduated with highest honors in Christian Apologetics from the Biola University and is currently enrolled in a PhD program with an emphasis on Apologetics and Intercultural Studies. Jacob’s call is in evangelism and teaching and his specific interests include: cultural apologetics, comparative religion, the defense of resurrection and the problem of evil and suffering. He is passionate about presenting the gospel, both within and without the church, in a winsome and persuasive manner. His apologetic approach is motivated by an emphasis to remove the gap between the sacred and the secular and maintaining a healthy balance between faith and reason. Jacob and his wife, Preeta, currently reside in California.


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