Are You Smarter Than A Dumb Ox? The Theology of Thomas Aquinas

aquinas Lindsay Brooks hosts with Bruce Paolozzi. Thomas Aquinas is perhaps the most influential dude of the last 1000 years. Some love him and some blame him for corrupting Christian thinking with Greek philosophy. Classical/Evidential apologetics relies heavily on Thomas’ view of how things are known and begins where Thomas did, with the senses, arguing from common ground with unbelievers. Presuppositional apologetics tends to reject that there is common ground and begins, instead with Scripture, arguing the inadequacy of the senses to knowing anything, let alone God.

So, love him or not, you’ve gotta deal with The Dumb Ox of Aquina, The Angelic Doctor, Saint–Thomas.


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    wuest3141 6 years ago

    They say that Aquinas LOOKED like a dumb ox, but understood every page he ever read. I know a lot of Christians who have never read a serious intellectual book. Our current abdication of the intellect is shameful. A congregation filled with “dumb oxes” would be an outstanding step up!

    I think that best common ground is the concept of the renewed mind. Those who assume that we must start with the concepts in Scripture, tend to skirt how we get those out of the text, and tend to confuse biblical scholarship with the gift of prophesy or emotion. The assumption that all the truths in Scripture are plain and straightforward, is at odds with the study of the biblical languages and their use in God’s people. We have a real intellectual crisis, and need to come out and say that.

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