Can Higher Criticism Take Us Higher?

Higher Criticism is a collection of hermeneutical techniques that are often connected pejoratively with Theological Liberalism and Neo-Orthodoxy. Theologians like Paul Tillich and Reinhold Neibur, while taking very different stands with regard to God, both treated the Bible in a way that lead to a non-inerrantist view of Scripture.

Yet a naive view of Scripture that ignores the nature of the works and conditions of the audience written to has yielded some funny interpretations as well, and fostered an anti-intellectualism within the Church.

To introduce us to the techniques of Biblical Criticism and help us understand the limitations of it, Lindsay Brooks has asked Dr. Timothy Finlay of Azusa Pacific University and Cathy Paolozzi of Vanguard University to give us some insight using their excellent work on Birth Narratives as a case study.


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