The Top Early Writings NOT in the Bible and Why You Need To Know About Them

In addition to the New Testament there are dozens of early writings, some possibly going back as far as the mid first century, that rely upon the characters we know from the Bible to promote a worldview and way of salvation that is very different from Christianity as we know it. Even in the pages of the New Testament we find apologetic responses to Docetism, an early form of Gnosticism based partly on Jewish Christianity and partly on Greek philosophy.

Scholars like Bart Ehrman, Elaine Pagels, John Dominic Crossan and the Jesus Seminar, pointing to the written works of Gnostic Christianity, have painted a picture of a chaotic beginning to Christianity where “multiple christianities” are all vying for dominance over a burgeoning new religion and only later, after much revision of the orthodox story, to we find orthodox Christianity emerging victorious.

Lindsay Brooks and special guests Philip George and Kent Moorlach explore the formation of the canon of Scripture and writings that didn’t “make the cut” like the Gospel of Thomas, The Gospel of Judas Iscariot, Q, the Infancy Gospels as well as more orthodox works like I Clement, the Didache and the writings of Polycarp, Ignatius, Irenaeus and Tertullian.

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