The Pit

[This is a fable of sorts, which you can find in various versions on the Internet. It actually feels like something we’d see in a mass-circulated e-mail. Ideally it would have maybe only a half-dozen “people who pass by,” though you can add them indefinitely. Also, I’ve rewritten it as more of a story … a fable of sorts.]

A certain man fell into a pit.

One fellow came along and said, “I feel for you in your pit.” His companion noted, “Someone was bound to fall in — after all, it’s a pit.”

Various religious types commented on the pit: the man deserved it, the law required it, he should try harder to climb out, God decreed it or at least was monitoring the pit situation and knew people were in them, even if He didn’t generally do much about such things.

One woman said, “things could be worse.” Her lunch companion added, “things will get better.” Their waiter asked if the man in the pit needed anything. Someone at the next table raised an eyebrow at all this, then went back to his Cobb salad.

Others approached in their unique ways: supposing how it happened, observing conditions, assessing the man’s responses, taking notes and creating charts, tables, and graphs, peer-reviewing pit papers, predicting future pit-falling-in rates.

Professionals of one sort or another suggested selling tickets, making miniature versions of the pits for the kids to ask for at Christmas, forming committees and scheduling votes, launching a trade association for pit-dwellers … someone pitched a book.

One who fancied himself artistic said, “dude, make something new out of this.”

One who fancied himself realistic said, “deal with it, bro. It’s how things are.”

A friend said, “Wait, wait … lemme tell you about my pit.”

Then Jesus walked up and lifted the man out of the pit.

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