A Brief Defense of the Virgin Birth

For some, this Christmas can be a difficult one as they may doubt with the miracle of the virgin birth of Jesus or have loved ones dealing with this issue. In the following I would like to present some reasons why we ought not be so skeptical toward the idea of a virgin birth. First, virgin births do, rarely, occur within the created order. “But for many animals, virgin birth is far from a miraculous event. Researchers have discovered a growing number of species that reproduce without assistance from the opposite sex.” http://news.sciencemag.org/2012/12/slideshow-virgin-birth-not-so-miraculous-animal-kingdom More links on this: “Virgin Births May Be Common in the Wild,” “World’s Longest Snake Has Virgin Birth—First Recorded in Species” For those of us who do believe in God, a virgin birth is surely something the Creator of the universe could bring about. And perhaps he used some scientifically explainable means; if he did so I don’t see how the explanation would take away from the miraculous event any more than a scientific explanation would take away from the miraculous event of Jesus’s calming the storm. Second, consider how God the Father would send his son to planet Earth and have humans know that his Son is divine. If God were to send his son to a couple that was already married, it would be much easier to write Jesus of Nazareth off as a child of a blissful marriage! And if God were to send His Son to a woman who was unbetrothed, then his Son wouldn’t have an earthly father to raise him. From God’s perspective, it makes good sense to send his son to a couple that was engaged. Now, this still was not without problems. Indeed, the Scriptures tell us that Joseph considered calling off the engagement quietly (Matthew 1:19), but God sent an angel to Joseph in a dream and this addressed his concern. Given that God is an immensely powerful being, it’s perfectly possible for Him to bring about a miraculous  virgin birth, even if it is through some scientifically explainable means. God also knows what he is doing by using a betrothed couple as it seems to provide the best setup for a virgin birth. Hopefully these two points will serve you if the topic comes up at the Christmas dinner table. Have a Happy Incarnation Celebration Day!
Kurt Jaros is the Executive Director of Defenders Media and the host of the Veracity Hill podcast.


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