Basic Epistemology for Beginning Apologetics – January 2012

Basic Epistemology for Beginning Apologetics – January 2012


With Christopher Neiswonger, Lindsay Brooks and Joe Young Knowing Opinion Perspective Certainty Persuasion Insufficiency Plato - Aristotle Augustine Aquinas Rorty Tradition as a source of knowing Experience Personal experience Religious experience Presuppositions of experience Implications of experience The Nature of Inquiry Historical inquiry Philosophical inquiry Scientific inquiry Evidence The Nature of Evidence Relevance Probative value Bias Interpretation Standards of Persuasion Standards of Reliability The problem of Subjectivity and Objectivity Kinds of evidence Experience Testimony Records Initial conditions implied by current conditions Proper Foundation Arguments Arguments from Axioms Arguments from Intuitions Arguments from commonly accepted knowledge (“common sense”) Arguments from physical Sensation and its inherent presumptions and implications Arguments from the consequence of changing states of being Arguments from rationality – from the existence of logic alone, from its use, and from its universality Arguments from Sentience – consciousness and personalizes The problem of that which is greater being implied by that which is lesser The problem of identity, division and wholeness; composition The problem of Event Horizons The problem of Limiting factors Wittgenstein Fideism Cartesian Rationalism Kantian Agnosticism Barthian Dogmatism


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