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The Heresy of Richard Dawkins

It was always two articles of faith for the New Atheists that religion would eventually disappear if society were cleansed of its superstitions with reason and that this was a desirable state of affairs as religion, as they liked to lecture us, is the root of all evil and poisons everything.  

Yet Richard Dawkins, the British biologist and one-time head honcho of New Atheism, has not always stuck closely to the above two tenets. He has had his heretical moments for he has praised the literary genius of the King James’ Bible Translation, expressed a liking of Christmas carols and church bells and when asked whether there was any kind of religion he can tolerate, his answer was a very mild Anglicanism. Dawkins has also extolled the influence of Christian morals for such things as its promotion of women’s rights. For a man who once said that it was a good thing to ridicule religious people for their beliefs, that is a stunning admittance. Dawkins therefore is a cultural Christian. 

He called himself such in a recent interview with the London-based radio station LBC’s Rachel Johnson with the emphasis firmly upon the word cultural, for Dawkins is “happy” that “the number of people who actually believe in Christianity is going down” but would “not be happy” if “we lost all our cathedrals and our beautiful parish churches.” …

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