What Role Does Faith Play in Politics?

A Personal Story of Redemption

Join Jon and Chris with special guest Carlo on this episode of the Apolofgetics.com Radio Show. Hear Carlo's personal story

A Personal Story of Redemption2023-08-22T08:48:30-07:00

Should Christian Be Afraid of AI?

Our radio team dives into the fascinating world of artificial intelligence. We embark on an extraordinary journey exploring the cutting-edge

Should Christian Be Afraid of AI?2023-07-07T09:44:12-07:00

Must We Worship God?

Must We Worship God? Introduction The philosophers Tim Bayne and Yujin Nagasawa (henceforth known as BN) state that philosophers have had

Must We Worship God?2023-04-29T10:31:48-07:00


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