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Is Jesus Real?

Christmas is a time that many children consider the question, “Is Santa Real?” I can still remember the day that all my

Is Jesus Real?2013-11-02T19:04:59-07:00

Interview with Dr. Paul Chamberlain

There was a time when atheists merely viewed religion as an oddity like stamp collecting, believing religion possessed little to no ultimate

Interview with Dr. Paul Chamberlain2012-02-07T16:09:12-08:00

Igniting a Life of Generosity

Officially the US recession ended June 2009, but I doubt many people would know it. Many people are still out of work,

Igniting a Life of Generosity2011-12-29T06:06:14-08:00

Apologetics and Porn

WARNING! This podcast contains mature subject matter and language. Currently xxxchurch, a ministry lead by Craig Gross, is gaining a lot of

Apologetics and Porn2011-06-26T18:14:41-07:00

Apologetics and Youth

Recently I read an article by Apologist Mike Licona saying, “I was shocked about two years ago when I asked both my

Apologetics and Youth2011-06-26T17:57:47-07:00

An Interview With Greg Koukl

Have you ever been challenged on your beliefs and didn't know what to say? Have you ever heard someone make accusations against

An Interview With Greg Koukl2011-02-03T15:25:33-08:00

Interview with Dr. Michael Behe

Eavesdrop on a phone call with staff apologist Andy Steiger and biologist/author Dr. Michael Behe on the topic of Darwinism. 150 years

Interview with Dr. Michael Behe2010-12-29T22:17:57-08:00

The Edge of Evolution

The edge of evolution was an impossible quest until recently. Scientific advancements in the last ten years have progressed to the point

The Edge of Evolution2010-12-22T06:21:25-08:00


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