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Jonathan grew up in Plymouth, MA and attended American University in Washington, DC where he studied criminal justice. In 2013 he earned a master’s degree in Christian Apologetics from Biola University, graduating with honors. Jon brings a unique perspective to having worked in the legal field for ten years before entering full time ministry as an Associate Pastor at Living Oaks Church. Perhaps what's more though is that Jon spent 26 years of his life as an atheist, arguing against the existence of God. Due to his past Jonathan is passionate about evangelism and sharing the gospel message. He lives in Newbury Park with amazing his wife and four beautiful daughters.

A Personal Story of Redemption

Join Jon and Chris with special guest Carlo on this episode of the Radio Show. Hear Carlo's personal story

A Personal Story of Redemption2023-08-22T08:48:30-07:00

Atheist Turns to Christianity

On this episode of the Radio Show, Jon Noyes talks about three reasons why the Christian worldview is the

Atheist Turns to Christianity2023-02-21T16:26:14-08:00

True Biblical Justice

On this episode of the Radio Show, radio host Jon Noyes talks about the cultural understanding of justice. He

True Biblical Justice2022-11-22T08:52:57-08:00

Objective Truth in the Abortion Discussion

On this episode of the Show, Jon Noyes discusses the importance of applying objective truth in the abortion discussion.

Objective Truth in the Abortion Discussion2022-07-21T08:39:15-07:00

Jesus Defeats Death

Listen as Jon Noyes discusses the resurrection account according to Mark and the implication Jesus' defeat of death has for

Jesus Defeats Death2022-04-16T14:53:05-07:00

The Case for Postmillennialism [Part 2 of 2]

Listen as Jon and Chris continue their conversation about postmillennialism. On this episode they discuss why eschatology matters with some

The Case for Postmillennialism [Part 2 of 2]2022-03-19T08:58:36-07:00


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