About Stuart Gray

Stuart has spent his career working in the IT industry and is currently a freelance writer for software companies. He develops training materials, delivers training courses on embedded software, and writes technical documentation. Stuart has a BSc Hons. in Computer Science and Microprocessor Systems from Strathclyde University, a diploma in Theology from Gloucestershire University, and a highest honors MA in Christian Apologetics from Talbot School of Theology. He’s finishing up an MA in Science and Religion at Talbot by writing a thesis on the Apologetic Value of Deathbed Experiences. He runs regular apologetics groups for people in his local church. He’s married to Janet, has two daughters Rebecca and Naomi, and two grandchildren Isla and Rory.

Solar System Designed for Life

Explore three arguments for design in our solar system. This is the third in a series called Science and Faith.

Solar System Designed for Life2023-01-12T12:16:44-08:00

Responding to Darwin

Explore the fundamental ideas of Darwinian evolution. Unpack the difficulty facing Darwinism in its account of biological complexity, and also

Responding to Darwin2023-01-12T10:50:43-08:00

Evidence for Design in Life

Explore what it means for something to be "designed". Investigate how scientific thinkers before Darwin identified evidence for design in

Evidence for Design in Life2023-01-12T10:37:12-08:00


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