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An Apologetic Approach to Hell

Tonight the crew tackles the tough issue of hell, continuing their series from the book "God is Good, God is Great" by

An Apologetic Approach to Hell2011-09-02T22:43:14-07:00

Jesus vs. Video Games

Tonight the team tackles the topic of the highest grossing form of recreational entertainment: video games! Listen in as the crew

Jesus vs. Video Games2017-04-03T10:03:15-07:00

Jesus vs. Ayn Rand

Listen in as Harry Edwards, Jeremy Livermore and Steve Tsai discuss Ayn Rand’s philosophy, in particular, her ethical philosophy of egoism (i.e.,

Jesus vs. Ayn Rand2011-04-26T22:06:12-07:00

God and Evolution

On this episode the team continues the series on the book, God is Great, God is Good, by Chad Meister and

God and Evolution2011-01-24T02:36:31-08:00

Evidence of a Morally Perfect God

Continuing the series on William Lane Craig and Chad Meister's book, "God is Great, God is good," this week's program focuses on

Evidence of a Morally Perfect God2010-12-03T07:00:42-08:00

Darwinism and its Worldview Implications

Listen in on this hour of the radio show as the teamcontinues their series on Nancy Pearcey's book Total Truth, chapters 5&

Darwinism and its Worldview Implications2010-01-23T08:00:00-08:00

The Atheist’s Ploy

Normally when engaged in discussion with others, there is a rule called the “burden of proof” that keeps the conversation honest and

The Atheist’s Ploy2009-05-27T18:07:18-07:00


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