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A Rational Argument for the Soul

For many Christians (even those well versed in apologetics), the idea of a soul stands as a theological posit, not one borne

A Rational Argument for the Soul2009-04-18T01:36:33-07:00

Denominations and the Church: Vice or Virtue?

The week the staff discuss how to understand Christian denominations from a theological point of view. The line of demarcation between

Denominations and the Church: Vice or Virtue?2009-03-28T08:00:00-07:00

The Day this Election Was Won

Now I’m not much of a political critic. I don’t claim any special expertise in this area, and I’m sure other

The Day this Election Was Won2008-12-01T21:49:08-08:00

When To Say When

A common question among those who engage in apologetics is a question of tact and timing. The question is, when is enough,

When To Say When2008-08-27T23:41:41-07:00

Cryogenic Resuscitations and Naturalism

My friend and I were having an interesting conversation the other day, and it dealt with issues in post-death experiences. His question

Cryogenic Resuscitations and Naturalism2008-08-15T23:36:20-07:00


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