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The Absurdity of Life without God

Feature Article. This is chapter 2 of the latest edition of William Lane Craig’s book Reasonable Faith. Used by permission of Crossway, copyright ©

The Absurdity of Life without God2008-11-23T08:00:00-08:00

The Apologist’s First Question

Featured Article I have little doubt that the single greatest obstacle to the impact of the Gospel has not been its inability

The Apologist’s First Question2008-08-04T19:50:19-07:00

Wagering a Life

Life is risk. Nothing we do that is of any importance carries with it a guarantee of success. Nothing we can do

Wagering a Life2008-07-02T22:41:55-07:00

The Divine Watchmaker

The evidence for design in the natural realm has always been a favorite argument for God's existence. Though in the past it

The Divine Watchmaker2008-07-02T22:40:06-07:00

A “Just Right” Universe

No other generation has witnessed so many discoveries about the universe. No other generation has seen the measuring of the cosmos. For

A “Just Right” Universe2008-07-02T22:29:08-07:00

Science and Religion: Four Views

What is the relationship between science and religion? Do they conflict with each other? The quick and dirty answer is that it

Science and Religion: Four Views2008-07-02T22:27:51-07:00

A False Dilemma in Naturalistic Evolution

Naturalistic evolutionists often present a false dilemma to their hearers in the form of a choice between religion and science. The term

A False Dilemma in Naturalistic Evolution2008-07-02T22:27:10-07:00


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