Anthony Costello

About Anthony Costello

Born and raised on the South Side of Chicago to a devout and loving Roman Catholic family, Anthony fell away from his childhood faith as a young man. For years he lived a life of his own design– a life of sin. But, at the age of 34, while serving in the United States Army, Anthony set foot in his first Evangelical church. Hearing the Gospel preached, as if for the first time, he had a powerful, reality-altering experience of Jesus Christ. That day, He called Anthony to Himself and to His service, and he has walked with Him ever since. Anthony graduated in 2016 with an MA in Apologetics and in 2018 with an MA in Theology, winning the Baker Book Award for Excellence In Theology. He has published articles in academic journals such as Luther Rice Journal of Christian Studies and the Journal of Christian Legal Thought. In addition, he co-contributed two chapters to Evidence that Demands a Verdict, edited by Josh and Sean McDowell and has published articles for magazines such as Touchstone and online news sites like The Christian Post. Anthony maintains a regular blog, Theological Apologetics that he publishes weekly at Currently, Anthony lives in Orange County, CA with his three children.


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