McDaniels Officially the US recession ended June 2009, but I doubt many people would know it. Many people are still out of work, struggling with their mortgages, and uncertain about the future. Some people have resorted to protesting their plight. In the midst of all this financial uncertainty the church has clearly been affected. I don’t know a single church that is not behind as we move into the year-end financial picture.

Giving is a part of Christian discipleship and is a spiritual discipline that quite frankly, few practice. Only about 9% of born-again Christians tithe. Like most things, the practice of tithing requires a worldview perspective. What really belongs to me? During this episode of, your host Andy Steiger, gives an unapologetic apologetic for generosity with special guest Chris McDaniel, the author of Igniting a Life of Generosity. Chris is the Chief Business Development Officer for DELTA Ministries International ( The book can be purchased on Amazon or in bulk from:


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