Author archive for Andy Steiger

  • Is Jesus Real?

    By on 2013-11-02

    Christmas is a time that many children consider the question, “Is Santa Real?” I can still remember the day...

  • Ravi

    Interview with Dr. Paul Chamberlain

    By on 2012-02-07

    There was a time when atheists merely viewed religion as an oddity like stamp collecting, believing religion possessed little...

  • McDaniels

    Igniting a Life of Generosity

    By on 2011-12-29

    Officially the US recession ended June 2009, but I doubt many people would know it. Many people are still...

  • Dr. Steven Collins

    Sodom and Gomorrah Discovered: An interview with Dr. Steven Collins

    By on 2011-10-10

    Sodom and Gomorrah, there are few cities in antiquity as infamous. Their names have become synonymous with sin and...

  • porn

    Apologetics and Porn

    By on 2011-06-26

    WARNING! This podcast contains mature subject matter and language. Currently xxxchurch, a ministry lead by Craig Gross, is gaining...

  • Youth

    Apologetics and Youth

    By on 2011-06-26

    Recently I read an article by Apologist Mike Licona saying, “I was shocked about two years ago when I...

  • Ayn Rand

    Atlas Shrugged: An Interview with Clay Jones

    By on 2011-04-25

    In a Modern Library survey of their readers for the top 100 novels of all time 217,520 people voted...

  • An Interview With Greg Koukl

    By on 2011-02-03

    Have you ever been challenged on your beliefs and didn’t know what to say? Have you ever heard someone...

  • Interview with Dr. Michael Behe

    By on 2010-12-29

    Eavesdrop on a phone call with staff apologist Andy Steiger and biologist/author Dr. Michael Behe on the topic of...

  • The Edge of Evolution

    By on 2010-12-22

    The edge of evolution was an impossible quest until recently. Scientific advancements in the last ten years have progressed...