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  • Resurrection

    Foundations of Apologetics: The Resurrection

    By on 2012-03-29

    Critics are attacking the historicity of the resurrection like never before. Recently, popular and scholarly criticisms have erupted in...

  • Foundations of Apologetics: Alleged Contradictions and Specific Bible Difficulties

    By on 2012-02-25

    Many non-Christians reject the Bible as a historical document as they claim it is merely fiction and is internally...

  • Foundations of Apologetics: Messianic Evidences

    By on 2011-12-28

    CNN recently re-aired a documentary on the person of Jesus Christ (“CNN Presents: Mystery of Jesus” on 12-24-2011 3:00pm...

  • God and the Scientific Method

    By on 2011-09-30

    It seems that our world is becoming completely science based. That is, science appears to have fully outperformed the...

  • Boss and Employee discuss the Existence of Jesus

    By on 2011-09-05

    The following represents an actual raw exchange between a newly hired employee of a real estate development firm (Kevin)...

  • Is Christianity Evil?

    By on 2011-09-02

    The increasingly popular sociological perspective of Christianity is now very noticeable and alarming: many frustrated/angered non-believers and atheists hold...

  • Atheists

    The Problem Atheists Have With Evil

    By on 2011-07-26

    Possibly the biggest reason for unbelief in God comes from the problem of evil. It definitely creates the strongest...

  • Quran Burning and Fundamentalism

    By on 2011-05-04

    Join Jeremy Livermore, Steve Tsai, and Sam Welbaum as they discuss the powerful issues underlying to the recent “International...

  • Jesus vs. Ghosts

    By on 2011-03-11

    Often times many Christians do not know how to respond to claims of ghosts sightings or haunted house accounts....

  • World’s Darwin Day & Possible Responses

    By on 2011-02-09

    This February, the world will be celebrating the 152nd anniversary of the Origin of Species and the 202nd anniversary...