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  • We Never Liked Him in the First Place

    By on 2012-02-07

    Note: The Super Bowl may be over, but the NFL Draft is coming on fast — it’ll be here...

  • Cold and …

    By on 2012-01-28

    In “The Grey” everything howls. The snow howls. The wind howls. The men howl. The airplane as it hurtles...

  • Today I Asked God to Take Away My Sins

    By on 2012-01-19

    Not the guilt of my sins, or the punishment for my sin — the sins themselves. I’ve done this already...

  • Burning and Bleeding

    By on 2011-10-13

    Mercy burns, wrote Flannery O’Connor, by which she meant … well, I’d like you to think on it for...

  • Who’s Afraid of Denominationalism?

    By on 2010-11-08

    The enduring vitality of divisions in the Church When a marginally more than middle-aged Christian male — two score...

  • We All Need Something

    By on 2010-10-30

    We all need something. I need a new power cord. We need to read the Psalms. You need to...

  • Mad (Every)Man

    By on 2010-10-24

    I’m not a smart guy. I just play one on the Internet. Case in point — when I saw...

  • One Question, Two Answers

    By on 2010-10-20

    In two of the last two weeks our pastors have offered messages that focused (in one case it seemed...

  • Please Sir, May I Have Some More?

    By on 2010-10-13

    I think more was devised by the devil with America as his downline. Props to Satan — distribution has...

  • Cursing God

    By on 2010-10-11

    Once I was teaching a high school American Literature class, and a student says, “I don’t understand The Red...