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  • Foundations of Apologetics: Argumentation and Logical Fallacies

    By on 2012-01-30

    The crew continue their series on the foundations of apologetics, discussing this week how to build an argument,...

  • An Apologetic Approach to Hell

    By on 2011-09-02

    Tonight the crew tackles the tough issue of hell, continuing their series from the book “God is Good, God...

  • Video Games

    Jesus vs. Video Games

    By on 2011-05-30

    Tonight the team tackles the topic of the highest grossing form of recreational entertainment: video games! Listen in...

  • Ayn Rand

    Jesus vs. Ayn Rand

    By on 2011-04-26

    Listen in as Harry Edwards, Jeremy Livermore and Steve Tsai discuss Ayn Rand’s philosophy, in particular, her ethical philosophy...

  • God and Evolution

    By on 2011-01-24

    On this episode the team continues the series on the book, God is Great, God is Good, by...

  • Evidence of a Morally Perfect God

    By on 2010-12-03

    Continuing the series on William Lane Craig and Chad Meister’s book, “God is Great, God is good,” this week’s...

  • Darwinism and its Worldview Implications

    By on 2010-01-23

    Listen in on this hour of the radio show as the teamcontinues their series on Nancy Pearcey’s book Total...

  • Dichotomies and the Fractured Christian Worldview

    By on 2009-10-13

    We continue with Total Truth by examining chapter 3, which describes the philosophical underpinnings of the various forms of...

  • Common Conversational Objections to Christianity

    By on 2009-06-27

    Listen in as the staff discuss a recent talk they gave at the Church by the Sea youth...

  • The Atheist’s Ploy

    By on 2009-05-27

    Normally when engaged in discussion with others, there is a rule called the “burden of proof” that keeps the...