Cultural Apologetics

  • Jesus vs. Ghosts

    By on 2011-03-11

    Often times many Christians do not know how to respond to claims of ghosts sightings or haunted house accounts....

  • Voyage

    C.S. Lewis and the End of the World

    By on 2010-12-22

    Professor Donald McConnell of Trinity Law School (an expert in Lewisian lore and literature) and staff members Christopher...

  • Christ and Culture

    By on 2010-12-06

    After the existence of God and the identity of the God that exists, the most important question for Christians...

  • Harry Potter

    Harry Potter vs. Christianity?

    By on 2010-11-20

    The limitations of Christian prudence in regard to the arts is an ever present discussion in Christian circles (Augustine...

  • The War Over Art

    By on 2010-06-13

    Host: Lindsay Brooks with special guests Jim Daichendt, Cameron Anderson, Denise Weyhrich & Cindi Rhodes To make art is...

  • What Christians Can Learn From The Glenn Beck – Jim Wallis Debate

    By on 2010-05-20

    Glenn Beck (a capitalist conservative commentator for the Fox news network) and Jim Wallis (one of the leading socialist...

  • A Christian Perspective on International Women’s Day

    By on 2010-03-13

    {s5_mp3}womenshow.mp3{/s5_mp3} Special Guests Christine Axelson and Shirley Lew-Lee of World Vision join Staff members Candace Jackson and Christopher...

  • Mailbag Feb. 20, 2010

    By on 2010-02-20

    1. Dealing with “Mahatma Ghandi’s Quadlemma”?2. What about the Jewish apologists arguments against Jesus being the Messiah?3. The Objective-Subjective...

  • AVATAR: The Official Review

    By on 2010-01-30

    Avatar is a very religious movie. As James Cameron, the creator and director of “Avatar” explains, “It’s an incarnation...

  • Keeping Christ in Christmas

    By on 2009-12-19

    Christopher Neiswonger and Lindsay Brooks walk us through the deeper Christian devotion in the traditional Christmas carols and hymns....