Historical Apologetics

  • Luther

    The Annual Reformation Day Show 2010!

    By on 2010-11-01

    With Special Guests Doug Eaton of Bethel Grace Baptist Church, Pastor Philip George of Calvary Presbyterian Church of Glendale...

  • Jerusalem, Rome, and Constantinople: The Genius of Protestantism

    By on 2010-03-11

    {s5_mp3}jerusalemromeconst.mp3{/s5_mp3} Some churches have a very tight and centralized structure; Protestantism does not.  We have many different expressions of the same...

  • Martin Luther and the Protestant Reformation

    By on 2009-10-31

    Everyone that is a Protestant of whatever flavor has a debt to those that came before. October 31st is...

  • John Calvin at 500

    By on 2009-07-19

    There are only a few really big names in theology. Augustine, Thomas Aquinas, Martin Luther, and John Calvin are...

  • As Awesome As An Army With Banners

    By on 2009-07-11

    As Awesome As An Army With Banners: The Story of the Church Since Pentecost 10 days after Jesus Christ...

  • The Christmas Show

    By on 2007-12-22

    What’s your Christmas IQ? Listen in as the Apologetics staff discovers and uncovers the true meaning and history of...

  • The Thanksgiving Show

    By on 2007-11-24

    Thankfulness is a primary attribute of the Christian’s faith and practice. That blessed event so many years ago between...

  • The Historical Jesus, or the Jesus of Faith

    By on 2007-11-10

    The academic environment of what has been called ‘New Testament Studies’ or ‘Pauline Studies’ has been a hot bed...

  • The Reformation Show

    By on 2007-10-27

    500 hundred years ago a major shift occurred in the worldview of Western Civilization. The Reformation elicited change in...

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