Radio shows which consider the questions of philosophy and relate themto the Christian faith. Such shows include “Postmodernism’s influenceupon the Evangelical and Emergent Churches” and “Truth: Why in theWorld Does It Matter?”

Problem of Evil

Join Jon and Eric as they consider the issues with believing in an all-powerful and benevolent Being Who allows bad

Problem of Evil2021-09-08T08:25:34-07:00

Jesus vs. Ayn Rand

Listen in as Harry Edwards, Jeremy Livermore and Steve Tsai discuss Ayn Rand’s philosophy, in particular, her ethical philosophy of egoism (i.e.,

Jesus vs. Ayn Rand2011-04-26T22:06:12-07:00

10 Problems of Consciousness

What philosophers call “phenomenal consciousness” is the “what-it-is-like” to being conscious, the raw, felt texture of conscious experience. For example, there’s a

10 Problems of Consciousness2011-02-09T05:36:25-08:00
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