Scientific Apologetics

  • God and the Scientific Method

    By on 2011-09-30

    It seems that our world is becoming completely science based. That is, science appears to have fully outperformed the...

  • Creationism

    Creationism: An In-House Discussion

    By on 2011-05-15

    The apologetics we are most familiar with is an engagement with the things that would stand against the Biblical...

  • The Beauty of Physics Revealing the Beauty of God

    By on 2011-01-24

    Physics describes reality in a way that humans can understand, see, and access the universe, like no other field...

  • God and Evolution

    By on 2011-01-24

    On this episode the team continues the series on the book, God is Great, God is Good, by...

  • Interview with Dr. Michael Behe

    By on 2010-12-29

    Eavesdrop on a phone call with staff apologist Andy Steiger and biologist/author Dr. Michael Behe on the topic of...

  • The Edge of Evolution

    By on 2010-12-22

    The edge of evolution was an impossible quest until recently. Scientific advancements in the last ten years have progressed...

  • The Image of God and the Failure of Scientific Atheism

    By on 2010-10-25

    It is surprising how many people would agree with the statement “Nothing else exists except that which is physical.”...

  • science

    How To Think About Science

    By on 2010-07-14

    Science is often the stick used to smash the stained glass window of religion. It is claimed that the...

  • Quantum Physics and Christology

    By on 2010-05-27

    Our goal is to show that there happens to be an analagous relationship between quantum physics and Christology. There...

  • Darwinism and its Worldview Implications

    By on 2010-01-23

    Listen in on this hour of the radio show as the teamcontinues their series on Nancy Pearcey’s book Total...