Theistic Apologetics

  • Adoption, Doctrine of Love and Act of Love

    By on 2011-08-19

    …take as one’s child, be adoptive parents to, take in, take care of, espouse, take on/up, embrace, assume; appropriate,...

  • Music: A Fair And Lovely Gift From God

    By on 2011-06-13

    The great philosopher, Plato, said in book III of the Republic, “musical training is a more potent instrument than...

  • The Once and Future King: Defending An Orthodox Christology

    By on 2009-12-12

    As we sojourn through the time between the first and second advent of Christ, this age of grace between...

  • Knowing God

    By on 2009-04-04

    Christopher Neiswonger and Lindsay Brooks look into J.I. Packer’s great book, “Knowing God”, and talk about what it is,...