Lindsay Brooks

  • On Excellence In Apologetics

    By on 2012-03-28

    How do you become an excellent apologist? How do you get good at it? Is it better to go...

  • A Defense of Contemporary Worship Songs

    By on 2011-07-11

      Lindsay answers critics of contemporary song form worship music using Psalm 27 by Donnie McClurkin.Includes a brief harmonic...

  • Burdens We Were Never Fit To Carry

    By on 2009-02-05

    “The weight of evidence for an extraordinary claim must be proportioned to its strangeness.” ~ Pierre-Simon Marquis de Laplace...

  • Go Forth And Shut Up About The Gospel!

    By on 2008-09-01

    I love the very shape of the Christian life. Consider the way we start our days in prayer: how...