After the existence of God and the identity of the God that exists, the most important question for Christians has always been the relationship between Christ and Culture. 50 or so years ago H. Richard Neibhur wrote a definitive short work on the subject by framing the five traditional categories that we use to talk about these important matters.

  • Christ against Culture
  • Christ within Culture
  • Christ above Culture
  • Christ apart from Culture, and;
  • Christ transforming Culture

More than being a simple application of proof texts for or against, one’s entire hermeneutic (method for the interpretation of scripture) seems woven into one’s Christ/Culture commitment. It seems to shape everything after it, taking a primary place in one’s faith and practice. What we will do as Christians is dependent upon what we think we should do and what we think we should do is rooted in our approach to our worldly interactions. Our Church and State view; our approach to our children’s education; our evangelism or lack thereof; our missiology; our arts and literature; our science; our politics and especially for the sake of this show, our apologetics methodology lay deeply rooted in our view of Christ and Culture.

Christopher Neiswonger with special guest Pastor Kent Moorlach of Communion Presbyterian Church of Irvine CA; with callers.

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