Mind “Be of this mind…”


Water always flows down hill; the path of least resistance…
Faith isn’t like water; it resists…

1. We need to frame a Christian psychology before we can practice a Christian sociology

a. What kind of a mind?
b. As for the Christian we might have different gifts, but we are to be of one mind.
c. Almost everything in the Christian life has been traditionally expressed in terms of “faith and practice”.

2. Studies in the Development of Christian Character through the Mysterious Methodology of Divine Providence.

Job and the Devil
Abraham and the sacrifice that God will provide
David and Goliath
David and Nathan
Martin Luther at the Diet of Worms

3. The law and the gospel:

As an antidote to the confusion created by N. T. Wright and other Euronomic revisionist movements in the Church, we are not speaking here about the gospel;
“The gospel is entirely outside you Melanchthon”

4. Galatians 5 and being led by the Spirit

5. Faith Hope Love Prudence Justice Courage and Patience

Suffering and being a follower of Jesus
Long Suffering, Self Denial; Looking for a worthy opportunity to suffer

6. A sign that you might have forgotten something important…

If you have no Joy you might have forgotten your…

7. Something to think about in getting past the past and getting on with the present…

8. Christian self examination vs. Freudian analysis

Philippians 2; Galatians 5


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