How will free will work when we get to Heaven?

If we cannot sin, then will we still have free will? What will Heaven be like without free will? A world without free will doesn’t sound like a place I want to spend eternity. I don’t want to be a robot forever.

If we have free will, will we be able to sin in Heaven? If we sin while in Heaven, does that mean we can be kicked out of Heaven? If this is true, then it seems like we will spend an eternity in fear of being removed because of sin.

I had these questions when I was growing up in the church, and I frequently get these questions when speaking to students. We ask these in order to better understand how we will live an act in Heaven. To answer these questions, we first need to correctly understand free will.

Here is my short response at a recent Q&A.

What do you think about free will in Heaven?

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