March For Our Lives: Cultural Beliefs and Worldview Conversations

Today, the March For Our Lives drew hundreds of thousands around the United States. People were marching for human value and against gun violence.

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However, many don’t realize the worldview assumptions behind this any many other cultural beliefs. We are fighting for human value, which is good. But what makes a person valuable? Do all people have value? In the podcast below, I identify what I believe to be four contradictions in our culture and how we can use those cultural beliefs to have positive worldview conversations.

  1. Should we protect innocent lives or a woman’s right to choose?
  2. Should we celebrate women or is gender a social construct?
  3. Should we have gender reveal parties or is gender not connected to biological sex?
  4. Should I fight to end sexual abuse (#Metoo) or the Hollywood movies promoting such behavior (50 Shades)?

Links mentioned in the show

  1. How do we understand religious freedom vs. discrimination?
  2. Responding To Pro-Choice Arguments – Interview with Megan Almon (Podcast)
  3. Defending the Pro-Life Position – Interview with Megan Almon (Podcast)

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Ryan Pauly graduated in 2010 with a B.A. of Religion and an emphasis in Youth Leadership from Vanguard University of Southern California. After graduating he became a missionary in the Dominican Republic. During his four years of living in the Dominican Republic; he taught English, Worldview, Apologetics, and Leadership to junior high and high school students. Ryan moved back to Southern California in 2015 and started teaching Historical Christian Doctrine, Apologetics, Comparative Religions and Worldviews, and Philosophy of Ethics at a Southern California Christian high school. In 2017, Ryan joined MAVEN as a field guide for their worldview missions experiences and became a trained volunteer apologist for the Reasons to Believe apologetics community. Ryan received his Master’s degree in Christian apologetics from Talbot School of Theology. He also holds a certificate in Science Apologetics from the Reasons Institute. His writing has been featured at,,,,, and he is also a contributor for the updated version of the popular Apologetics Study Bible for Students which released in 2017. Along with his writing, Ryan has appeared as a guest on Truth Matters TV.


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