The Bible is God’s written word to humankind. In it He reveals His nature, character and His promise of restoration; however, what if the books in Scripture, the New Testament in particular, were not reliable? What if the books were not reliable? Or perhaps they were not written by who they claim? Wouldn’t this undermine our faith?

Bart Ehrman hopes so. Dr. Ehrman was once a Fundamentalist/Evangelical Christian, studying at Moody Bible and eventually being mentored by the late Bruce Metzger at Princeton. Eventually Ehrman turned from his faith, and now publishes books arguing against the historicity of the New Testament. His newest book, “Forged” claims that the authors of the New Testament are not who we think they are. In this pod, join host Sam Welbaum and panelists: Cathy Paolozzi, Lindsay Brooks, Derek Brover and Dr. Jack Gibson as they argue that Ehrman’s work, his approach, his presuppositions and his conclusions are unfounded.


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