Worldview Is it possible for an Atheist and a Christian to have a civil discussion? It totally is. In this podcast Staff Apologist Sam Welbaum engages in dialogue with former Youth Pastor now Atheist (well, Agnostic with Atheistic leanings and Secular Humanist values to be exact), Kile Jones. They discuss Kile’s conversion to Christianity, his apostasy (leaving the faith) and the factors that played into it. Then, Sam and Kile engage in a constructive discussion on the arguments for God’s existence that they find most convincing. How do a Christian and an Atheist discuss Meaning (capital “M”) and morality in a friendly way? Give a listen and find out. Also, the callers provide some wonderful and instructive rabbit trails as well.

If you’d like to learn more about Kile and his work you can visit his website below:

For a brief overview (from a Christian perspective) related to the current atheist movement, look at Al Mohler’s Atheism Remix. At 107 pages it will give you a high level of content for a minimal effort.


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