Eichenwald’s Contextual Failure

This evening I had the pleasure of twitter-debating with Kurt Eichenwald, the author of a recent Newsweek article that trashes Christianity. It’s of the same ol’ Christmas or Easter media article that seeks to bring doubt upon orthodox Christian belief. The article itself is rife with historical errors. You can read it here. I might tackle his published work another time, but want to provide for you a different example of how many people are poorly trained to understand some basic lessons of hermeneutics. Background: Eichenwald and Erick Erickson (RedState.com, Fox News Contributor, and radio host) were going at it on Twitter when Eichenwald accused Erickson of sinning because he criticizes a certain political party (which would seem to go against Romans 13 regarding submitting to authorities; Erickson has already explained how this an absurd belief here). It was at that point that I decided to step in. You can see the conversation below or if it does not appear click here: As you can see, Eichenwald’s beliefs about Christianity stem not from having studied Christianity, but from his general experience with Christians (and, likely, what the media reports about Christians). This is hardly a good sample size, nor is it indicative of a well-informed view. Let this serve as a reminder that non-Christians should actually study theology (even if they read a mere introductory book) and also that Christians should be prepared to give a defense for the hope that is within (which may have prevented Eichenwald from having an inaccurate perception of Christianity).  
Kurt Jaros is the Executive Director of Defenders Media and the host of the Veracity Hill podcast.


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