Faith and Reason

… which demonstrates the idea that faith and reason are compatible, indeed Christian, notions, and without either of which Christianity is no longer itself.

“Heavenly Minded and Earthly Good.”

Today, in response to the claims of Christianity, two extreme theological positions –pantheism and deism—are taking their roots within the Church (Wright, 2010). The

“Heavenly Minded and Earthly Good.”2015-01-22T11:41:14-08:00

Syllogisms in the Bible

There are some Christians who would like you to believe that there are no logical syllogisms in the Bible. One author, for

Syllogisms in the Bible2014-04-14T09:41:20-07:00

The Jesus We Never Knew

The October 2000 issue of The Atlantic Monthly featured a perceptive, and, to many, a surprising essay on the renewal of evangelical

The Jesus We Never Knew2008-07-02T22:22:45-07:00

Miracles: Liability and Asset

But is it true? We have tried to show that theism is true. But is Christianity the true theism? In the next

Miracles: Liability and Asset2008-07-02T21:57:02-07:00


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