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… which considers the effects and evidences of the Good, the True and the Beautiful, locating such things in the nature and character of the God of the Bible.

Joy with a Capital “J”

With around a quarter of a billion of C. S. Lewis’s books in print and much-loved films adapted from his novels,

Joy with a Capital “J”2023-03-03T15:04:01-08:00

Should Nationalists be Christian?

With the 2022 midterms on the cusp, “Christian Nationalism” is again the political scape goat and featured entree for mass

Should Nationalists be Christian?2022-10-31T17:15:31-07:00

Christianity and the Environment

Recently, the world celebrated Earth Day (22 April) to demonstrate support for the idea that humans have a serious responsibility to protect

Christianity and the Environment2021-09-05T08:23:20-07:00

Is This the Normal Christian Life? Part 7

With such an emphasis upon knowing universal, objective truth, our evangelical predecessors strongly preferred rational and empirical means. They appealed mainly to

Is This the Normal Christian Life? Part 72018-07-03T18:50:35-07:00

The Moral Question Behind Infinity War

[Spoiler Alert!]This weekend I saw Infinity War. Actually, to be honest, I saw it twice. And I loved it.There have been many helpful movie

The Moral Question Behind Infinity War2018-05-01T14:24:38-07:00


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