Faith and Reason

Radio shows that grapple with where logic and faith intersect. Some of the topics include the will of God and Natural Law.

What Is Human Dignity?

In this episode Dr. Harry Edwards interviews Dr. Jacob Daniel on what it means to posses human dignity.

What Is Human Dignity?2022-07-26T07:49:33-07:00

Addressing Barriers to Christianity

On this show Dr. Harry Edwards leads a discussion addressing internal and external barriers to Christianity, i.e., anti-intellectualism, scientism, POE,

Addressing Barriers to Christianity2022-03-03T08:07:59-08:00

God and Logic

“God and Logic: The Strange Modern/Postmodern War Against a Reasonable Deity” A God that cannot be known as He truly is, is

God and Logic2009-12-09T03:40:25-08:00


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