Cultural Apologetics

Our staff’s favorite set of topics; and it shows. Talks range from movies, current events, politics and just about anything that potentially could be a point of contact between the believer and unbeliever.

The Heresy of Richard Dawkins

It was always two articles of faith for the New Atheists that religion would eventually disappear if society were cleansed of

The Heresy of Richard Dawkins2024-04-10T15:44:46-07:00

The Resurrection of Jesus

On this episode of the Radio Show, Dr. Harry Edwards leads a discussion on the resurrection of Jesus, a

The Resurrection of Jesus2024-04-03T08:32:59-07:00

Evangelism and the Gospel

On this episode of the Radio Show we talk to Julio Negron, founder and director of Wakemup Ministriy (

Evangelism and the Gospel2024-04-02T09:12:10-07:00

How Can Christians Change Culture

For far too long Christians have prioritized living separate from the world, compartmentalizing their lives into two spheres--the sacred vs.

How Can Christians Change Culture2024-02-29T11:09:55-08:00


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