Our staff’s favorite set of topics; and it shows. Talks range from movies, current events, politics and just about anything that potentially could be a point of contact between the believer and unbeliever.

Deconversion Part 2

On this episode of the Apologetics.com Radio Show, Jon, Chang, and Chris continue the conversation about the popular trend of

Deconversion Part 22021-09-20T10:55:22-07:00

Christianity and the Arts

Listen to Jon, Eric, and special guest Chris Jenkins as they have a conversation about the arts and entertainment from

Christianity and the Arts2021-09-20T10:55:57-07:00

Last Call for Liberty

The following was taken from Os Guinness book "Last Call for Liberty." The hour is critical. The American republic is

Last Call for Liberty2021-09-24T10:50:56-07:00


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