Radio shows which provide general and introductory material in thefield of apologetics. Shows include such popular issues such as”Common Conversational Objections to Christianity” and “20 ImportantQuestions Every Christian Needs To Answer.”


Jon, Eric, and Joel discuss what to make of the current phenomenon of deconversion experiences in the light of the


Dealing With Doubt

Doubt is one of the most experienced yet least talked about facets of the Christian life. People are often fearful that doubting

Dealing With Doubt2011-10-05T06:52:56-07:00

An Apologetic Approach to Hell

Tonight the crew tackles the tough issue of hell, continuing their series from the book "God is Good, God is Great" by

An Apologetic Approach to Hell2011-09-02T22:43:14-07:00

Is Christianity Evil?

The increasingly popular sociological perspective of Christianity is now very noticeable and alarming: many frustrated/angered non-believers and atheists hold that “Christianity is

Is Christianity Evil?2011-09-02T22:36:55-07:00


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