Historical Apologetics

Radio shows that dive into the rich historical foundation of the Christian faith. These are all about major movements, periods and people of Christianity. Topics include John Calvin, The Reformation and Western Civilization, the historical evidence for the resurrection and more!

Jesus vs. Aliens

Are the Christian beliefs worse, the same, or better, than belief in aliens? That is, do we have better evidence, reasons, and

Jesus vs. Aliens2011-01-31T01:42:41-08:00

John Calvin at 500

There are only a few really big names in theology. Augustine, Thomas Aquinas, Martin Luther, and John Calvin are arguably the biggest.

John Calvin at 5002009-07-19T03:23:38-07:00

The Christmas Show

What's your Christmas IQ? Listen in as the Apologetics staff discovers and uncovers the true meaning and history of Christmas as well

The Christmas Show2007-12-22T22:00:35-08:00

The Thanksgiving Show

Thankfulness is a primary attribute of the Christian's faith and practice. That blessed event so many years ago between people of remarkably

The Thanksgiving Show2007-11-24T22:15:44-08:00

The Reformation Show

500 hundred years ago a major shift occurred in the worldview of Western Civilization. The Reformation elicited change in theology, philosophy, politics,

The Reformation Show2007-10-27T22:24:40-07:00


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