Philosophical Apologetics

Radio shows which consider the questions of philosophy and relate themto the Christian faith. Such shows include “Postmodernism’s influenceupon the Evangelical and Emergent Churches” and “Truth: Why in theWorld Does It Matter?”

Atheist Turns to Christianity

On this episode of the Radio Show, Jon Noyes talks about three reasons why the Christian worldview is the

Atheist Turns to Christianity2023-02-21T16:26:14-08:00

Covenental Apologetics

In this show, we discuss the topic of Covenantal Apologetics and it’s relationship to both believers and unbelievers. Covenantal apologetics

Covenental Apologetics2021-11-16T16:32:50-08:00

Problem of Evil

Join Jon and Eric as they consider the issues with believing in an all-powerful and benevolent Being Who allows bad

Problem of Evil2021-09-08T08:25:34-07:00


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