Scientific Apologetics

Radio shows that exemplify the fact that faith and science are not at odds. Hear from professional scientists and learn how their faith connects with their profession.

Solar System Designed for Life

Explore three arguments for design in our solar system. This is the third in a series called Science and Faith.

Solar System Designed for Life2023-01-12T12:16:44-08:00

Responding to Darwin

Explore the fundamental ideas of Darwinian evolution. Unpack the difficulty facing Darwinism in its account of biological complexity, and also

Responding to Darwin2023-01-12T10:50:43-08:00

Evidence for Design in Life

Explore what it means for something to be "designed". Investigate how scientific thinkers before Darwin identified evidence for design in

Evidence for Design in Life2023-01-12T10:37:12-08:00

God and the Scientific Method

It seems that our world is becoming completely science based. That is, science appears to have fully outperformed the humanities in the

God and the Scientific Method2011-09-30T04:54:20-07:00

Creationism: An In-House Discussion

The apologetics we are most familiar with is an engagement with the things that would stand against the Biblical faith, like Atheism,

Creationism: An In-House Discussion2011-05-15T14:23:00-07:00

God and Evolution

On this episode the team continues the series on the book, God is Great, God is Good, by Chad Meister and

God and Evolution2011-01-24T02:36:31-08:00


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