Harry Edwards has been married for almost fifteen years to Minerva. They have two young boys, Chase & Jonathan, who love to play with Legos and run around the house pretending to be super heroes. He is the founder, chairman and CEO of Apologetics.com, Inc., an organization dedicated to defending the truth claims of Christianity on the internet, radio and other related activities. Harry Edwards received his Bachelor of Arts degree in Christian Education and a Masters of Arts degree in Christian Apologetics from Biola University where he currently works full time managing the campus bookstore. He is an active member at Ocean View Baptist Church where he teaches in the adult Sunday school and leads and plays the drums for the praise and worship band. In his spare time, Harry enjoys doing things with his family, i.e., tennis, backpacking and mentoring others to realize their full potential in the service of our Lord.

Goings-On at Apologetics.com

Harry Edwards, Founder & CEO of Apologetics.com Dear Friend, As I write and reflect on this story, I am disheartened

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