Scott Smith is keenly interested in our abilities to have knowledge of reality, particularly in the areas of ethics and religion. He also is very interested in the needed ontology to have knowledge. He addresses “constructivism,” the fact-value split, and issues with our being able to have knowledge on the basis of naturalism, postmodernism and nominalism. He also has written on the emergent church, as well as a knowledge argument and the moral argument for God’s existence. Currently, he is working on exposing and addressing the many, even subtle, influences of naturalism on western churches. He also serves as secretary-treasurer for the Evangelical Philosophical Society.

Is This the Normal Christian Life? Part 7

With such an emphasis upon knowing universal, objective truth, our evangelical predecessors strongly preferred rational and empirical means. They appealed mainly to

Is This the Normal Christian Life? Part 72018-07-03T18:50:35-07:00

Is This the Normal Christian Life? Part 4

Not only did our (U.S.) evangelical predecessors deeply embrace modern science along Bacon’s lines, they also embraced the broader Enlightenment confidence in

Is This the Normal Christian Life? Part 42018-06-21T10:06:32-07:00


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