In “Celebration of Discipline” Richard Foster brought the far East into Christian worship. Transcendental Meditation, Buddhism, and Hinduism have long been competing religious worldviews. With the methodologies and interpretative lenses of the Contemplative Spirituality Movement one doesn’t need to choose between the two. But can the scriptures really be considered a mere incidental reference point for the “Christian” form of some more universal super-religion that is both beyond and superior to Christian faith and practice. Have Christians been “Too focused on their Bibles”? Can putting your palms up and down and reciting incantations to man made representations of deities really be a more Christian course than the so called “Intellectual path” of Western Christianity? If focusing on one word of scripture (lectio divina) can get you beyond your conscious mind and to communion with god beyond reason and logic, reading the rest of it will be an obvious waste of time; since the Bible itself was written down in sentences with a logical order leading to teachings of intelligible meaning perhaps it was God Himself that intended to teach us thoughts with an actual intellectual content so that we can know and understand Him.

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