Hello to all Apologetics.com supporters and friends.

Thank you for visiting our website and engaging with the content we provide. We hope you find our ministry helpful in pursuing truth and considering the reasonableness of Christianity.

This is a brief announcement to correct and clarify a statement Harry Edwards gave concerning the web traffic and overall activity of our website. A statement was made at our July 2015 fundraiser banquet to current and potential donors to our ministry. Roughly, we stated that our website regularly receives on average 60,000 hits of traffic each month.

By way of full disclosure, we wanted to share this information to inform the public. This number was based on previous year’s information from analytical software that was compatible with our old website. During those years, this number was more of a rough minimum than it was an average for those years. However, in recent years, the activity on our site is believed to have been reduced as we have removed the forum, changed the user interface of the site, and moved the hosting platform to a new web server. We acknowledge that the statement we made was not based on current web traffic. The number of hits for current web traffic on our new website is difficult to understand based on the current analytical software that is compatible with our new website. We used the old numbers without knowing the new numbers.

Since we have recently realized that the new numbers must be lower for the new website, we reflect back to that incorrect statement with regret. We apologize for any confusion or misleading this may have caused. We take very seriously the accuracy of the statements we make – especially those concerning our ministry activities to current and potential donors. We will do a better job and getting these details accurate before announcing them publically. When we get a better grasp on the current web traffic and activity, we will release that information.

Thank you again for your understanding and patience. We want to serve you with the highest integrity. With the help of our Savior, we know we will.

The Apologetics.com Staff and Board of Directors.